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TiFoR supplies emery (also known as amaril and Schmirgel) from Turkish origin in different tailor made granule sizes for various applications. Emery is used as a natural and economic anti-skidding agent in road surfacing  of tunnels, bridges and parking decks.  Emery (amaril, Schmirgel) is the abrasive component in polishing stones for marmor polishing and tiles production. It used to be applied as a coated abrasive in emery sanding paper and emery boards. Emery (amaril, Schmirgel) is also used as a blasting abrasive in surface treatment of stone and metal.
TiFoR sources Calcined Caustic Magnesium Oxide - CCM (MgO or magnesia) from many origins, and can supply tailor made granule sizes and mixtures, packed to your specification.
MgO or magnesia is used in the abrasives industry, and especially in the high quality Sorel cement. MgO or magnesia under GMP+ regulations is used in the feed industry.

TiFoR coordinates transport and offers full service from shipping point to final destination. We can crush, sieve, repack or bulk emery and MgO (magnesia) in Rotterdam-Vlaardingen, The Netherlands.