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Emery Grains treated by our business partner B.V. N.E.M. at Vlaardingen. Natural Emery consists principally of Aluminium Oxide wit a certain quantity of Iron Oxide.
Uses: Construction, anti-skid and non-wear flooring, blasting purposes, abrasive tools, coated abrasives, grinding wheels
Kieserite Usage: agriculture
Magnesite for abrasives Sorel cement quality. This caustic calcined magnesite is especially developed for the abrasives industry. It is a product with controlled chemical and physical charastaristics to meet fully the market requirements for the high quality Sorel cement
Magnesium chloride flakes Usage: Source of magnesium metal; disinfectants, fire extinguishers, fireproofing wood, magnesium oxychloride cement, refrigerating brines,
ceramics,  cooling drilling tools,
textiles (size, dressing and filling of cotton and woollen fabrics, threat lubricant, carbonization of wool), paper manufacture,  road dust-laying compounds, floor  sweeping compounds, flocculating agent, catalyst


Magnesium Sulphate Anhydrous Colourless, crystalline, free flowing and fully water soluble
Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate White, crystalline, free flowing
Olivine Usage: Refractory
Silicon Carbide Black Usage: Abrasive for cutting and grinding metals, grinding wheels, refractory in nonferrous matallurgy, ceramic industry and boiler furnaces, composite tubes for steam reforming operations. Fibrous form used in filament-wound structures and heat-resistant, high-strenght composites. Various grain numbers