TiFoR coordinates transport and offer full service from shipping point to final destination.
We can crush, sieve, repack or bulk Emery (amaril) and MgO (magnesia) in Rotterdam- Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

Our quay accepts barges or coasters with a maximum draft of  6.5 meters and a length of 120 meters.
Large bulk or container shipments will be first unloaded in a container terminal
in the Rotterdam harbour and  transported by truck or barge to TiFoR.
Smaller bulk or
container shipments will be directly unloaded at TiFoR

Grind, repack, bulk

To grind, repack or bulk emery or magnesia we authorize our business partner B.V. NEM,
which is specialized in grinding and crushing ores and minerals and the further process of packing.


TiFoR can supply emery and magnesia in silotankers (up to 27 tons), big bags (1.000 kg) and  25 kg paper bags.TiFoR offers full logistical services upto your doorstep.